Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emulating the Satellaview - some new ROMs need BSNES!

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Right, as I brought up in my previous post, for some reason BS Konae-chan no DokiDoki Penguin Kazoku only boots on BSNES. Now, since it needs the BIOS, loading it is a bit more complex than just "Pop open ROM" now...

So, time to check out the not-so-enclosed instruction book! Click the ol' "Read More" button.

Anyway, first off, BSNES is here.

BSNES Homepage

Now, before we do anything of note, let me get something put in your mind here right away.

BSNES will not load the BS-X bios if said BIOs has a ROM header. You will need to remove it if your bios has it. The BS-X Bios on our site has such a header, so it will need to be removed before going any further. Various ROM hacking guides should have ROM header removal tutorials, or you can use SNEStool or Ucon64 or whatever is your preference for such.

Now, AFTER this header has been removed, open the BSNES app.

On "file" you will see a "Load Special" option which has a submenu.

"Load BS-X Cartridge" is for loading a download game in conjunction with the BS-X Bios.

Put your bios on the top and the ROM on the bottom. Click "Load" and you'll kick into the BS-X Bios itself. I'll tell more on what to do after this after a bit, but it should be easy from here on out - when you go to the overworld, enter the house behind you, hit the first options, and there! Game loaded.

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