Friday, November 21, 2008

BSNES update renders previous blog post obsolete, first @ TBSX news.

(The post name is there for a few buddies to laugh at. Move on...)

BSNES did an update while I wasn't looking (not that I look that often anyway..)

Satellaview ROMs now cause an auto-prompt for a BIOs cart to appear - this replaces the old "Load Special" option from the old versions, and renders my old guide obsolete. On the other hand, now it's likely easier to figure out than it was before - just load your ROM and then pick the BIOs when prompted.

Slotted carts work in a reverse manner - pick the main cartridge first, and then pick the Data Cart that goes with it when prompted.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great work with the blog!

Just wanted to mention that I also made the cart loader strip headers from the BIOS image. So nobody has to do that manually anymore.

Of course, I'd prefer to do away with copier headers in emulators all together ... but I see it was causing you some trouble before, so I'll save that battle for another day ;)

Other than that, Matthew Callis recently sent me a BS-X unit, and GIGO provided a few tech docs, so hopefully in a few months we'll see some emulation improvements there (fingers crossed.)

Kiddo said...

Nice to hear from you. :)

I've been messing around with a lot of the Satellaview ROMs. In particular I've recently begun "hacking" Soundlink ROM headers so they boot from the standard BIOS ROM menu. (a quick and lazy hack, but regardless, seeing the differences between how BSNES, SNESGT and SNES9X attempt to load the seemingly-missing objects from the BS Zelda Sekiban ROMs is interesting. In particular, SNES9X just has them missing, SNESGT shows scrambled objects, and BSNES seems to show... chunks of slightly less scrambled objects. I might need to get some pictures out to explain this.)

One thing I noted when doing that was that the Soundlink games set their clock to match my Windows XP clock. Rather neat, although I prefer SNESGT's clock options for testing (But then SNESGT has some different compatibility... hrm.)

If it's possible I'd like to help research the technical stuff, as there's some behaviors in the videos I obtained that puzzle me and I think if I look into it more perhaps it'll help me figure them out. For example...

How the "Special" buildings appear
How the mascot can run (This ability is in "Satellawalker 2 - Sate Bou ga Sukidasu" but seemingly not in the standard BIOs settings...)
Whatever happened to some sequences in certain games that do not appear in the ROM dumps (BS Zeldas, BS Marvelous, and BS Fuurai No Shiren notably - likely the BS Fire Emblems as well if the scripts and audio samples I got are anything to go by.)

I'd also like to know if it'd be theoretically possible to "simulate" a Soundlink game download/play to BIOs without any extreme amount of ROM/emulator hacking or server-faking.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I never bothered hacking the header to run Zelda AST. Very interesting that bsnes shows random garbled tiles ... would be funny if all the data turned out to be in the game all along, wouldn't it?

I'm not sure how far we'll get emulating things like Soundlink and the satellite communications ... our best bet will be tearing apart the games themselves and seeing what they're waiting on, exactly.

I do wish I could see the BS-X town "alive", so to speak. Kind of gloomy with every last door locked and no events happening.

Though I'm mainly hoping to focus on flash cart write commands, BS-X base cart memory mapping and some very rudimentary base unit support so the system thinks the unit is attached, but just has no satellite signal.

I'm hoping we can do something useful with the base unit and no satellite signal ... it would be cool for a non-BSX game to utilize it in some way.

Anyway, if you want to -- any research you do come up with would be much appreciated! Feel free to post over on the bsnes forum at, or on this blog I suppose, heh.

Unknown said...

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