Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To put it short - What is the BS-X?

I'll get this question out of the way with as short an answer as I can.

The Satellaview, or BS-X for short, was an add-on for the Super Famicom. It's "Gimmick"? "Satellite Broadcasting".

What does that mean? It means data was sent to you from Satellite. Perhaps in the same manner that the Sega Channel had data sent to you through Cable. Using the Satellaview, you could download various things into memory packs, including games, news, and magazines. You could also take advantage of the Satellite Audio capabilities to listen to your favorite radio shows, or play special games which made use of live audio broadcasts.

More on each of these as I put up examples.

The Satellaview was a cooperative project between Nintendo, whom need no introduction, and St. Giga, a Japanese Satellite Radio service. I hope to get more about St. Giga as a company later, but for now, I will link their JP Wikipedia article.

A translation would be appreciated.

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