Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Examples of Live Broadcast Game - BS Dragon Quest


I do want to get into some game-specific things eventually, although I feel it's a bit soon. Regardless, I wanted to post some examples of Live Broadcast games.

These videos were originally on NicoNicoDouga, but I'm not sure of their position on things such as redistributing videos. If anyone has a complaint, they can post a comment and I'll remove the offense.

So, right.

I'll start with these BS Dragon Quest videos. Why? Because the videos of it are abridged, making for easier viewing.

First, an abridged "week 1". Huh? Week 1? Yes. Remember when I mentioned this experimented with "Episodic Content"? Live Broadcasts were distributed in episodes, usually a set of four.

Seeing the gameplay of this, you should note the few differences between this and it's non-BS-X Counterpart, "Dragon Quest 1 and 2" for the Super Famicom.

This next video is Week 2, abridged.

When you went to the next week of gameplay, you had to re-download the game. The save data was stored in the BS-X SRAM for the new episode to read, to continue where you left off.

What I have of the third week is split into 2 parts, and seems imcomplete. This is the last of the BS Dragon Quest videos from an actual braodcast that I have.

And with that, you should have a decent idea of how the game played.

Now I shall go off on a tangent here, directed specifically to ROM users, because this specific game is a peculiar topic when it comes to it's ROM.

There is only a single ROM dump of BS Dragon Quest that I have. This ROM dump apparently has all 4 "weeks" of the game available in an option screen, with the chance to choose things like your starting items and some of your stats. This would not make sense in the BS-X's actual distribution. Therefore, I must ask: What, exactly, is this "BS Dragon Quest" ROM I have?

(EDIT 1: My apologies to the assumed total of 2 or 3 people who saw this when the embeds were fucked up. They should work now.)

(EDIT 2: Now tossing in the origianl NicoNicoDouga links for proper crediting's sake.


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