Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to emulate the Satellaview: Data Cart goes in game!

(There's just pictures in this one, but the URLs have been repaired anyway. Whee.)

This next quickie of a guide will be for Satellaview "Data Carts". Or, Memory Packs which have data intended as an expansion to a retail cartridge.

I posted a bit about those earlier, remember? Anyway.

the emulator I will use here is BSNES. This is the only emulator that I recall working for this. Unfortunately, it does not seem to boot SD Gundam G-Next, so I can't test that... Therefore, my ginuea pig here will be Same Game.

First, get BSNES here;

BSNES page.

And whatever ROMs you may be working with. One note, though; you may need to remove ROM dump headers, which are basically padding at the first 200 bytes of certain ROMs. Most popular SNES ROM hacking tools can do this easily, but I won't recommend any one in particular here.

Open up the emulator;

And on these options, select "Load BS-X Slotted Cartridge".

In this specific case, I have a good "Same Game" Japanese ROM at the top, and a "Same Game Koma Data - Tengai Makyo" ROM at the bottom. Just hit the "LOAD" button and....

Hey, something seems different here! You should know what I mean if you've played Same Game before without the data cart.

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