Monday, December 1, 2008

BS F-Zero - wait! Before I go any further....

I just noted something weird about BS F-Zero's music.

As I've noted earlier, "MUTE CITY" and "RED CANYON" are taken from "SUPER FAMICOM GAME MUSIC". Up until a few nights ago, I had no idea where the other mixes came from.

I mean, yeah, sure, there was that Jazz arrange, but that's Jazz, right? The BS F-Zero stuff sounds electronic, not jazz!

.... wait a moment, Youtube! What kind of trickery is this.

1:27 or so in this video. That's the Jazz version of Silence? Wait a moment....

The melody sounds identical to the BS F-Zero's electronic version! For this track in particular, this is strange because the Jazz arrange of Silence sounds nothing like the original SNES Version - it's like a completely different song altogether.

So what you get with BS F-Zero is a jazz song played with electronic instruments?... what?

But also! Silence was not the only track like this! Big Blue, Death Wind and White Land are also as such! Peculiar! And the main opening theme, while altered much moreso, still resembles the Jazz version more than the original version.

That just leaves me with Port Town and Fire Field, then...? Port Town's music, I have still not identified, and I didn't check Fire Field's song yet, so I'm not certain on that...

I ponder if there's any way I could alter this music myself... hrm...

Right, King League should be popping up soon.

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