Monday, September 22, 2008

Sega Channel - VG [Adjective Noun] Part [Number]

I realized I lack a consistent name for any of these tangents, so I'll just play with that for the title names. woo.

The Sega Channel is one of the few services here I actually have a mild personal experience on - at a festival in Doylestown around [95 or 96, not sure], there was an actual Sega Genesis Kiosk running the service. I got to play The Punisher on it. It was rad. Unfortunately since didn't -live- in Doylestown at the time, I could not subscribe to the service.

The Sega Channel is the most similar to the Satellaview of all these other services (and may in fact be part of the inspiration for this site). "Broadcasts" were temporarily stored in your Sega Channel BIOS cart, which you used to download games, news, and cheats. No special audio enhancements, but it was still pretty sweet looking.

Here's a Sega Channel ad to give you the idea...

(Thanks 80s90sicon)

Here's a video which shows some of the news and contest entries, as well as the music from the service. Note that it's actually a Part 2 for a Sega Channel Memories series uploaded by the user, so please take a look at the other one as well if you don't mind.

(thanks azuriteaction)

In terms of exclusive content, most of what the Sega Channel actually got originally import-only games.

For example, here's "Mega Man: The Wily Wars". This was a remake of the first three games in the NES Mega Man Trilogy.

(Thanks neopokekun)

Also, the rather imfamous "Pulseman". This is one of Game Freak's most major Pre-Pokemon works.

(thanks ShiryuGL)

When the service died, so too did access to the NTSC-U versions. A few of them, like Alien soldier and Golden Axe 3, have now got Virtual Console releases. Hopefully those will pave the way for the previous two mentioned above.

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