Saturday, September 20, 2008

XBAND - VG Network experiment part 2

Before I start this one, I'd like to note that someone pointed out to me that apparently in the previous video, an explicit reference to Windows Vista is made. (What the Devil?) I do not know the implications of such. However, I'll keep my faith and assume for now it's either a sort of recreation, or that the service in fact is still running today.

Either way, I'm moving on. Next stop, XBAND.

Actually, I assume a lot of the more hardcore gamers actually remember XBAND, as this is one that was born, raised and died in the USA.

It's notable for it's netplay options, which let you play games against faraway friends with your dial-up modem.

More Youtubage:

(thanks DESOKUeV)

For an example of how this worked, I decided to go a bit into the more obscure side of the XBAND, though. Did anyone know that in Japan, XBAND was on the Sega Saturn for a brief time?

I picked out this video of Puyo Puyo Sun to show, because unfortunately, there wasn't a Daytona USA example. :(

(thanks mimoria)

The service is notable for, as far as I can tell, being the only "Online console networking service" that was multi-platform.

Since the XBAND has a well-documented history in the USA, It's Wikipedia Article does a good job explaining about it. Be sure to check the citations.

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