Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sega Meganet, Mega ANSER, and the Mega Modem - VG Network experiements part 3

Alright, this next one is on the Mega Modem. If any of you remember hearing about the "Telegenesis" and wondering what it was and where it went, this is it's story. Be warned: You might hear some of the most atrocious music ever.

First off, this this wikipedia article has a basic description. Also check out this one on The Sonic Retro Wiki.

Note that while it had netplay functions, only games specially designed could be used as such. And as far as I heard, only two were.

Also, most of those games had to be downloaded -onto- the Mega Modem. And assumedly these downloads did not last. This is why the games for the Mega Modem used to be difficult to find if they were not ported elsewhere.

So, what games were available? I'll start with a MegaDrive Sonic game so obscure it was the only one not put on the Gamecube's Sonic Mega Collection. Watch out for the music, though...

(Thanks ZeroBadniks)

Sonic Eraser would probably have been an awesome title if they changed the soundtrack and extended the gameplay a bit. But alas. Instead of such, it lived and died on the Megamodem, not being noted until nearly a decade later. (Long story about how it's ROM was found.)

This long essay has a nice reading about the other games, as well as the related "MEGA ANSER" service.

I will try to put up video of more of the games in this entry shortly.

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