Monday, January 19, 2009


I decided to try out the newest BSNES version and seeing some different behavior in the Derby Stallion 96 ROM inspired me to write this article - one with a bunch of pictures of things that can go wrong. :E

Before I get into the fun parts though, allow me to explain what I mean - on Derby Stallion 96, the menu has an option at the bottom called, what else? "Satellaview", in it's JP form.

Before, the old BSNES (And SNESGT which I took the screencap of) gave me this error when I would select it:

Error 01

Now what happens?

What is this? Did we restore it?


Oh blast it! It's another error!

Error 05? I wonder what this means?

I'm not done yet, though. :3 The BS-X Bios has a few more errors I can throw down on here as well.

Error 08 happens apparently on emulators that can't quite do the Satellaview

And Error 09 is the dreaded message that appears if the BS-X thinks your memory pack ROM data has corrupted.

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