Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kiddo looks at them e-books.

I've decided I shall make videos of myself going through the Satellaview's "books", which apparently come in a ridiculous amount of varieties.

For anyone who's out of the loop here - quite an amount of the Satellaview ROMs going around are not "games" per se. Rather they are nicely-arranged rows of text and pictures, sometimes with music, for your pleasure.

To show you what I mean, I'm linking another Youtube video I found. Unfortunately I can't embed it, but considering... yeah, that's probably for the best anyway.

This one is an issue of "Nintendo HP". Nintendo HP apparently had news on all of Nintendo's latest stuff, from the N64 to the Super Famicom's "Nintendo Power" service.

Some of the ones I want to look at here are "Sousa Sentai Wappers", "Bdash" and "Busters Digital Magazine". There's a lot more too. Once I get a desktop camera working, stay tuned. :3


pixel said...

The "funny" thing is that there are beta-screens of Zelda 64 in that Satellaview "book" ;)

Kiddo said...

That is rather hilarious now that you think about it. Perhaps I should show Unseen64?

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