Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Machine Translations are still (not) fun - But these are important links.

You may have seen a few of these JP site links on the list of links to the right.

Tonight I've decided to try using excite to translate them. Here's some results. In the meantime, I will describe each site's contents.

SFC MANIA - This blog has some neat pictures of Satellaview games, as well as links to zoome videos of BS Kirby on Omachahako. These videos are great to watch, as they show more of the simple Kirby games.

- A website which has a list of the Satellaview's "Soundlink" broadcasts as well as schedules for a lot of the months the Satellaview was functioning.

SATELLAVIEW HEAVEN - Another blog. This has info on games like BS Simcity and SatellaQ, and it has pictures of Satellaview merchandise; likely, prizes from the game contests.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hastily done new design.

You might notice I plopped a facelift on the blog. It took hours of making stupid error after stupid error, of course, but hey, at least now it no longer looks like an obvious "Son of Moto" template!

If anyone wants to volunteer and obviously superior work, note that the comments are working again. :D

(EDIT: A few more adjustments. Also, I recommend browser upgrades if anyone is having a problem viewing the blog - Opera 96, Firefox 3, either should do.)


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm finishing up BS Fuurai no Shiren as well, guys.

You'll probably all say I'm crazy now. And you're right.

Aw, well. This is the last set of videos for BS Fuurai no Shiren.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part1
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part2
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part3

BTW guys, I might be putting up more radio uploads soon. I'm starting to run out of actual game content.


Final BS Marvelous video.

Time for Kiddo to not leave things half-finished for a change.

BS Marvelous Time Athletics, Week 4. This is probably the last BS Marvelous video.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part1
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part2
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part3


Saturday, October 18, 2008

BS Shin Onigashima Week 2.

Another upload today. Whee. Excuse my erraticness lately.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part1
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part2
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part3


Listen to BS Fire Emblem Audio Samples.

Having a bit of a Fire Emblem fanboy in me, I very much giggled with glee when this was uploaded on NicoNicoDouga: Post hide isn't on here yet because I am that much of a fanboy. :D

The original NicoNicoDouga URL is BSファイアーエムブレム アカネイア戦記 BGM集

(EDIT: Hey, where did the NicoNico Upload go..?)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

At the Auctions - Tamori's Picross cart.

I tried making this noted in some other forums to no actual avail, so I guess I'll try here....

This Yahoo Auction is for an episode of "Tamori's Picross", from the premiere date of airing in 1995.

I can't get much info on it, except for what's at Jupiter Corp's website. As far as I know, it is a rare find.

I'd appreciate if someone could dump the ROM in it, if possible.


VG Network experiment - 64DD and RANDNET.

Ok, first off, before writing on the article itself, I'll announce that I -think- I fixed all the old links, but I might be missing a few. If anyone here wants to call out one that's still not quite working, send me a note.

Anyway, Randnet... I actually put off writing this one because I don't think I got much concrete info on it. I mean, there's Wikipedia...


From what I'm reading, it could be used with various stuff, like the Mario Artist games and F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Otherwise I can't seem to get much. Can anyone here tell me if I'm missing anything?


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