Friday, December 12, 2008

You won't like it when eBayers pricegouge your own hard work for personal profit, either.

Hey, what do we have here?

A enigmatic BS Zelda "PAL Cartridge", eh?

And hardly even -days- after Con released the "Real Hardware" hack project out.

Can we put two and two together here? Ah, yes. Yes we can.

For reference, I spent many days bug-testing these ROMs on my Super UFO ROM copier.
Yeah, quite a volunteering, wasn't it?
I would have liked to believe that this would not have been the first sight I'd see of a "repro cart" - all my hard work and I don't even get my own? I didn't even get to hear "YEAH THIS WORKS ON PAL BTW CAN I SELL IT?" from this guy.

That's to say nothing about how this is already approaching more money than A repro of NWC 1990, the "most collectible" Nintendo game - and it likely won't be spent in the least on more Satellaview research that would be sent to the public.

I don't particularly like being dismissive, but, hey, I've petitioned hundreds of people to donate to Matthew Callis to get more Satellaview ROMs going around and no one gave a dime - so why should someone who slapped a ROM hack onto a PAL cartridge get more money in one eBay auction than I got in a year of working on this blog?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

TANGENT: All Night Nippon and how obscure Japanese 80's pop culture impacts your Nintendo games.

I did a search for 穴井夕子 (Remember that name? I brought it up earlier on here.) on NicoNicoDouga today and got a mildly pleasant surprise. Before I elaborate you, you guys need to understand what makes it so interesting. And to do that, I'd have to show you something else first...

(Video stoled from supermariobros3636 - I'LL GIVE IT BACK LATER I PROMISE ;-; )

Does anyone here recognize this? Of course, it looks like Super Mario Bros - but twice as strange!
This is "All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros" for the Famicom Disk System. The story behind it is that All Night Nippon themselves raffled it off to contest winners in 1986.

So how doe this relate to what I found? Simply, really...

I found some actual recordings of the program. <3

An episode with the date 91/07/02.

I tried going back down NicoNicoDouga's archive to trace the oldest recording of this - it seems they only have down to 1988. Since I hear the ANNSMB was given out in 86, that means I need to figure out how to dig deeper into this.

Since I found these looking up someone I already identified as a Satellaview radio personality, it makes me curious about Nintendo's past relationships with what many foreigners may see as obscure Japanese 80's Pop Culture - and how it affected the decision to churn out the Satellaview itself.

Original NicoNicoDouga uploads:
大槻ケンヂのオールナイトニッポン 88.10.06


Digging around a bit more has landed me some 1986 content. :D

However, I also got the Japanese Wikipedia article on All-Night Nippon SMB and it looks like I'm actually meant to be looking for 1987...?


(EDIT 2: I've tried Excite-translating the All-Night Nippon SMB Article.

also, putting them 1986 segments up.

中島みゆきANN 1986年・ゲスト谷山浩子(30分)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Digging into the history of Satellaview emulation and ROM dumping.

Figured I'd make a post about this to fill up some time.

I've been trying to research into the history of the Satellaview ROM dumping and emulation scene - in particular the very nature of the first Satellaview ROM dumps.

The most notable hint I got comes from This Post at LostLevels. apparently Pachuka, a maintainer of the old site emucult, thieved the ROMs from "Hoarders" a long time ago.

For reference, understanding that the most popular Sonic the Hedgehog 2 prototype, widespread among the internet now, was literally stolen from a videogame expo, I've gotten used -and numb - to this. However, I question even no whether or not such a shady beginning has helped or hindered the progress of emulating and ROM dumping these.

Pachuka's now on the site called X-Cult. I post there once in a while for the sake of my ideals of educating about the Satellaview, but I hope I don't have to have involvement in any such shady business. I generally prefer bonds of trust...

Anyway, I've been unable to ascertain what exactly these ROMs were, but flash forward to now and we have ROMs being dumped by the likes of no-intro members and such.

Hopefully at some point I can make a good DAT documenting the ROM dumpers of certain games. Assuming they don't want anonymity.

PS. While I can't say for certainty whether everything Pach did was wrong, I will say that he really should've tried to understand what he was taking when he got these Satellaview ROMs - Being in contact with him quite a bit gives me the impression he really hardly knows much about the very games he allegedly stole. :(
Hopefully I can at least prevent something like that.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

BS F-Zero Grand Prix Ace League

You may be wondering how I'm able to get the links when NicoNicoDouga is apparently down?

Do not question, just accept.

Here's your trump, Ace. And this ain't no children's card game.

Cue the drums.

(The "read more" button vanished? Just click the post name, I guess....)


And then it came back.)

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第4週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第4週 part2
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第4週 part3
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第4週 part4


Nintendo can't tell two Zeldas apart.

A rather hilarious post at the BS Zelda forum is viewable

A little bit of background; the shrine has lately decided to try looking for an elusive FDS version of the Legend of Zelda named ゼルダの伝説 チャルメラバージョン ("CHARUMERA RAMEN Zelda no Densetsu") or as such.

(If anyone has any info, feel free to go and post about it there.)

So, anyway, MasterofPuppets decided to give Nintendo a mail asking them about it; here's his quote.

"Wow, Nintendo has screwed up automated e-Mail answeres, I E-Mailed them about this game here's what I sent and what I got back.



I was recently reading an online forum and I came across a new topic about a very rare version of The Legend of Zelda for the Famicom Disk System entitled, CHARUMERA RAMEN or in Japanese, "ゼルダの伝説 チャルメラバージョン" I was hoping you could shed more light on this as there is almost no info on it on the internet.



Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,

In answer to your question, BS Zelda no Densetsu was a game released for the Satellaview attachment for the Super Famicom in Japan. It was never released here in the Americas.

Nintendo excels at making sure our fans can get back story information, character descriptions, and--most importantly--the information they require to complete the games that we publish here in the Americas. This can happen through our website (, Player's Guides, and Nintendo Power magazine.

Having said that, many details about our games will remain mysteries, left to the active imagination of the player.


Alain Dao
Nintendo of America Inc."

I can only assume the reason for this mix-up is because Nintendo was compelled to make a "canned response" specifically targeted towards BS Zelda - have they gotten that many e-mails about it over the years? Why does Nintendo not re-release it if they were compelled to this action?

And the lack of info... Does the shrine perhaps know more about BS Zelda than they do?


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've been found!

!! Oh wow, look what I found!... or they found!.... or... yeah, just look or something !!

The blog's been mentioned here.
Moreover, it seems like a positive comment on how my links work. I'm glad I got them fixed recently! ^_^

Ah, but um, all shock and awe aside...
Here's a message for them, if it's remotely comprehensible:



私は、私のブロッグに関する多くの内容がニコニコ動画, と他の日本のウェブサイトから来たのを理解していま



Don't bother. Even if you can theoretically translate it it's so poorly written it's embarassing.
I really should take Japanese Lessons. Too bad not many colleges here have any...

Also, you may expect to see more horribly-written Japanese soon if the folks give me their blessings.
If they give me anything new, in particular, I'll be sure to post proper credit where it's due.


Kay, now we're moving. BS F-Zero King League.

Regularly (un)scheduled video embeddings ahoy.

Ace League will be the last one - unless somewhere down the line I find F-ZEROグランプリ2 第2週. It's apparently been on NicoNicoDouga at one point, with some re-upload requests...

Only two videos this time, folks. Looks like these got cut up a lot more.

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第3週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第3週 part2

Since 2 videos is a bit of an odd number, I decided to throw in a couple of the Jazz Arrange MP3s, as per my peculiar realization.






Monday, December 1, 2008

BS F-Zero - wait! Before I go any further....

I just noted something weird about BS F-Zero's music.

As I've noted earlier, "MUTE CITY" and "RED CANYON" are taken from "SUPER FAMICOM GAME MUSIC". Up until a few nights ago, I had no idea where the other mixes came from.

I mean, yeah, sure, there was that Jazz arrange, but that's Jazz, right? The BS F-Zero stuff sounds electronic, not jazz!

.... wait a moment, Youtube! What kind of trickery is this.

1:27 or so in this video. That's the Jazz version of Silence? Wait a moment....

The melody sounds identical to the BS F-Zero's electronic version! For this track in particular, this is strange because the Jazz arrange of Silence sounds nothing like the original SNES Version - it's like a completely different song altogether.

So what you get with BS F-Zero is a jazz song played with electronic instruments?... what?

But also! Silence was not the only track like this! Big Blue, Death Wind and White Land are also as such! Peculiar! And the main opening theme, while altered much moreso, still resembles the Jazz version more than the original version.

That just leaves me with Port Town and Fire Field, then...? Port Town's music, I have still not identified, and I didn't check Fire Field's song yet, so I'm not certain on that...

I ponder if there's any way I could alter this music myself... hrm...

Right, King League should be popping up soon.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kirby no Omachahako - UPDATED with Pinball


Thanks Matthew Callis for the ROM Dump)

Starting off this on a tangent:


TO ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE: The above statement is not directed at you, especially if you cannot read Japanese. Move on. It's kinda personal. Sorta.

Anyway, the rest of the article... will be about the Kirby no Omachahako games. Or at least, what I know of them

The Kirby no Omachahako games were - well, essentially, a bunch of minigames. They were very basic stuff, too. Being highly simplistic as they are, they make no unique use of the Satellaview hardware.

SFC MANIA has some good info - in fact, three of the games were recorded outright. Linked from the sources:

Guruguru Ball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 ぐるぐるボール
Cannon Ball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 キャノンボール
Arrange Ball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 アレンジボール

Some other info on the BS Kirby entries come from here and here

Last (but of course not least), there's the one ROM that's readily available - the baseball vid time.

Thanks PekoponTAS


Funky Satellaview downloads: Kaizo Choujin Schbibinman Zero

This bit of a filler article is to describe one of the more cool Satellaview games.

Kaizo Choujin Schbibinman Zero is a sort of platformer/beat-em-up hybrid which makes use of every Japanese Toku television cliche in the book - and is a lot of fun in part for doing so.

It was presented as a normal download rather than a Soundlink - so no time limits and no Satellaview-specific options like turning the radio on or reading the BS-X data.

It's easy to pick up and play, even for a casual gamer. The challenge comes from trying to get an absurdly high score in the end - trying to reach number 1 must've been something for the Satellaview hardcore to try to obtain a prize from.

You punch, kick, and throw special attacks at the putty-patrol-like enemies going left to right or down-to-up or whatever until you reach the boss, then you pound the boss hard.

The game is apparently a part of the "Kaizo Choujin Schbibinman" series which was previously on the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16. Hardcore Gaming 101 has a good read on the series as a whole (but... Banta Satellite? Where did THAT come from?)

For your viewing pleasure, I have obtained from the depths of hell Dailymotion a TAS of the game which seems to completely ruin the fun of it.


Friday, November 21, 2008

BSNES update renders previous blog post obsolete, first @ TBSX news.

(The post name is there for a few buddies to laugh at. Move on...)

BSNES did an update while I wasn't looking (not that I look that often anyway..)

Satellaview ROMs now cause an auto-prompt for a BIOs cart to appear - this replaces the old "Load Special" option from the old versions, and renders my old guide obsolete. On the other hand, now it's likely easier to figure out than it was before - just load your ROM and then pick the BIOs when prompted.

Slotted carts work in a reverse manner - pick the main cartridge first, and then pick the Data Cart that goes with it when prompted.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BS F-Zero - Queen League.

Some more BS F-Zeroage.

I had this one uploaded on Youtube for a while, actually - Queen League's videos all fit well within Youtube's 10-minute limit. Rather peculiar.

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第2週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第2週 part2
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第2週 part3

Once again, if anyone can get some more info on this for me, feel free to leave a message.


BS F-Zero... one. I think, anyway....

Checking my e-mail linked to this blog (for a change) made me realize I had a certain comment. It inspired me to finally get these videos up.

These are the videos merely called "BS F-ZERO GRAND PRIX". They seem to be a different format from the ones I posted earlier that were called "BS F-ZERO GRAND PRIX 2".

Not that that makes things any less confusing for me.

Here you start out on the normal F-Zero courses. The music is also some nice F-Zero electronic arrangements.

These recordings seem to cut around a bit, sadly. Fuller recordings woudl be appreciated.

At the climax is a "Bonus" course - these bonus courses would then be compiled into the BS F-ZERO 2 Download ROM.

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第1週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第1週 part2
BS F-ZEROグランプリ 第1週 part3

Once again, if anyone can get some more info on this for me, feel free to leave a message.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

BS Shin Onigashima - the last video.

One more vid tonight. It's a biggie, though.

No post hide yet here.

ふぁみこんむかし話 BS新・鬼ヶ島 第4話


BS Shin Onigashima Dai 3 Wanashi

You're probably asking why I feel the urge to make a new title like such every time I write an article. Blame it on impulsiveness.

Here's the third week of BS Shin Onigashima. Putting this up for someone who's been having it a bit rough today.

Note, next week's one big video.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第3話 part1
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第3話 part2
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第3話 part3


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Machine Translations are still (not) fun - But these are important links.

You may have seen a few of these JP site links on the list of links to the right.

Tonight I've decided to try using excite to translate them. Here's some results. In the meantime, I will describe each site's contents.

SFC MANIA - This blog has some neat pictures of Satellaview games, as well as links to zoome videos of BS Kirby on Omachahako. These videos are great to watch, as they show more of the simple Kirby games.

- A website which has a list of the Satellaview's "Soundlink" broadcasts as well as schedules for a lot of the months the Satellaview was functioning.

SATELLAVIEW HEAVEN - Another blog. This has info on games like BS Simcity and SatellaQ, and it has pictures of Satellaview merchandise; likely, prizes from the game contests.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hastily done new design.

You might notice I plopped a facelift on the blog. It took hours of making stupid error after stupid error, of course, but hey, at least now it no longer looks like an obvious "Son of Moto" template!

If anyone wants to volunteer and obviously superior work, note that the comments are working again. :D

(EDIT: A few more adjustments. Also, I recommend browser upgrades if anyone is having a problem viewing the blog - Opera 96, Firefox 3, either should do.)


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm finishing up BS Fuurai no Shiren as well, guys.

You'll probably all say I'm crazy now. And you're right.

Aw, well. This is the last set of videos for BS Fuurai no Shiren.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part1
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part2
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第4週 part3

BTW guys, I might be putting up more radio uploads soon. I'm starting to run out of actual game content.


Final BS Marvelous video.

Time for Kiddo to not leave things half-finished for a change.

BS Marvelous Time Athletics, Week 4. This is probably the last BS Marvelous video.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part1
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part2
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第4週 part3


Saturday, October 18, 2008

BS Shin Onigashima Week 2.

Another upload today. Whee. Excuse my erraticness lately.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part1
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part2
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第2話 part3


Listen to BS Fire Emblem Audio Samples.

Having a bit of a Fire Emblem fanboy in me, I very much giggled with glee when this was uploaded on NicoNicoDouga: Post hide isn't on here yet because I am that much of a fanboy. :D

The original NicoNicoDouga URL is BSファイアーエムブレム アカネイア戦記 BGM集

(EDIT: Hey, where did the NicoNico Upload go..?)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

At the Auctions - Tamori's Picross cart.

I tried making this noted in some other forums to no actual avail, so I guess I'll try here....

This Yahoo Auction is for an episode of "Tamori's Picross", from the premiere date of airing in 1995.

I can't get much info on it, except for what's at Jupiter Corp's website. As far as I know, it is a rare find.

I'd appreciate if someone could dump the ROM in it, if possible.


VG Network experiment - 64DD and RANDNET.

Ok, first off, before writing on the article itself, I'll announce that I -think- I fixed all the old links, but I might be missing a few. If anyone here wants to call out one that's still not quite working, send me a note.

Anyway, Randnet... I actually put off writing this one because I don't think I got much concrete info on it. I mean, there's Wikipedia...

From what I'm reading, it could be used with various stuff, like the Mario Artist games and F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Otherwise I can't seem to get much. Can anyone here tell me if I'm missing anything?


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sega Channel - VG [Adjective Noun] Part [Number]

I realized I lack a consistent name for any of these tangents, so I'll just play with that for the title names. woo.

The Sega Channel is one of the few services here I actually have a mild personal experience on - at a festival in Doylestown around [95 or 96, not sure], there was an actual Sega Genesis Kiosk running the service. I got to play The Punisher on it. It was rad. Unfortunately since didn't -live- in Doylestown at the time, I could not subscribe to the service.

The Sega Channel is the most similar to the Satellaview of all these other services (and may in fact be part of the inspiration for this site). "Broadcasts" were temporarily stored in your Sega Channel BIOS cart, which you used to download games, news, and cheats. No special audio enhancements, but it was still pretty sweet looking.

Here's a Sega Channel ad to give you the idea...

(Thanks 80s90sicon)

Here's a video which shows some of the news and contest entries, as well as the music from the service. Note that it's actually a Part 2 for a Sega Channel Memories series uploaded by the user, so please take a look at the other one as well if you don't mind.

(thanks azuriteaction)

In terms of exclusive content, most of what the Sega Channel actually got originally import-only games.

For example, here's "Mega Man: The Wily Wars". This was a remake of the first three games in the NES Mega Man Trilogy.

(Thanks neopokekun)

Also, the rather imfamous "Pulseman". This is one of Game Freak's most major Pre-Pokemon works.

(thanks ShiryuGL)

When the service died, so too did access to the NTSC-U versions. A few of them, like Alien soldier and Golden Axe 3, have now got Virtual Console releases. Hopefully those will pave the way for the previous two mentioned above.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sega Meganet, Mega ANSER, and the Mega Modem - VG Network experiements part 3

Alright, this next one is on the Mega Modem. If any of you remember hearing about the "Telegenesis" and wondering what it was and where it went, this is it's story. Be warned: You might hear some of the most atrocious music ever.

First off, this this wikipedia article has a basic description. Also check out this one on The Sonic Retro Wiki.

Note that while it had netplay functions, only games specially designed could be used as such. And as far as I heard, only two were.

Also, most of those games had to be downloaded -onto- the Mega Modem. And assumedly these downloads did not last. This is why the games for the Mega Modem used to be difficult to find if they were not ported elsewhere.

So, what games were available? I'll start with a MegaDrive Sonic game so obscure it was the only one not put on the Gamecube's Sonic Mega Collection. Watch out for the music, though...

(Thanks ZeroBadniks)

Sonic Eraser would probably have been an awesome title if they changed the soundtrack and extended the gameplay a bit. But alas. Instead of such, it lived and died on the Megamodem, not being noted until nearly a decade later. (Long story about how it's ROM was found.)

This long essay has a nice reading about the other games, as well as the related "MEGA ANSER" service.

I will try to put up video of more of the games in this entry shortly.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

XBAND - VG Network experiment part 2

Before I start this one, I'd like to note that someone pointed out to me that apparently in the previous video, an explicit reference to Windows Vista is made. (What the Devil?) I do not know the implications of such. However, I'll keep my faith and assume for now it's either a sort of recreation, or that the service in fact is still running today.

Either way, I'm moving on. Next stop, XBAND.

Actually, I assume a lot of the more hardcore gamers actually remember XBAND, as this is one that was born, raised and died in the USA.

It's notable for it's netplay options, which let you play games against faraway friends with your dial-up modem.

More Youtubage:

(thanks DESOKUeV)

For an example of how this worked, I decided to go a bit into the more obscure side of the XBAND, though. Did anyone know that in Japan, XBAND was on the Sega Saturn for a brief time?

I picked out this video of Puyo Puyo Sun to show, because unfortunately, there wasn't a Daytona USA example. :(

(thanks mimoria)

The service is notable for, as far as I can tell, being the only "Online console networking service" that was multi-platform.

Since the XBAND has a well-documented history in the USA, It's Wikipedia Article does a good job explaining about it. Be sure to check the citations.


Friday, September 19, 2008

TANGENT: Other VG networking services part 1 - Famicom.

Figuring I need -some- content on this site now, I've decided to make a few articles pertaining to a more broad history of networking in videogames. Click "Read More" to see the first. In the meantime, since I'm signed in, I might be trying to fix some of the video URLs, but don't expect much action there today.

My first article will be on the ファミコン通信アダプタセット
and before you ask, that's the "Famicom Communication Adapter Set". More commonly known here as the Famicom Modem.

Yes. With the "mighty" speed of dial-up, you could send your Famicom to the internet. What was this used for?

Well, it seems Nintendo's trend of using online for something that was -not- a netlinked online game started here. Nope, you could -not- play 2-player Contra with a faraway friend or anything cool like that. Rather, the set was aimed at a more "casual" audience, and the carts produced for it were mostly things older people did, like Stock trading and banking.

If you do some searches online, you may not really be able to find much on this. This is where I jump in with my obsessive-Google-searching and NicoNicoDouga-searching.

With my powers combined with those of some other obsessives, I now present to you what is likely the only working footage of a Famicom modem-compatible game I'll ever find; JRA-PAT.

Can anyone say NO GRAPHICS, TEXT ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION? The Youtube description of the video has the original NicoNicoDouga URL, BTW.

While I heard from most articles that this did not really catch on, apparently that may not be -quite- the case, as JRA-PAT also has a Super Famicom Version.

(Thanks to wojtkowiak2105 for being in my "related videos" when I got the previous video uploaded)
Even getting it's own modem and stuff.

Both versions are very rare and difficult to find in the open anymore.

Next I will link some apparently relevant sites.

ファミコンの周辺機器が大集合! ザ周辺機器ズ 11

This site has some apparently notable info. The pictures of the carts and the like are very nice to see. If you care enuough, check out some of the other sections for more obscure Famicom devices.

This site has some other neat pictures.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Due to a circumstance involving a mass webspace exodus, I've relocated all my files.

The blog has also had a bit of a reverting in format, for the ease of readability regarding this issue.

This link should tell you more.

I want to get back on this soon, but the incident here is a bit of a setback. I may need to either manually edit all the URLS here to relink to the nwe webspace, or just move the blog entirely.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Friday, August 29, 2008

BS Shin Onigashima: Week 1


I'm putting up this set of videos instead of my scheduled (Schedule? Laughable, Kiddo, laughable! Just LOOK at this!) stuff. Don't ask why. I'm just crazy. >_>

This is BS Shin Onigashima. The remake of the likely-forgotten-by-many Famicom Disk System classic, visual-novel style game. There is also a "Nintendo Power" download ROM version for the Super Famicom's familiarly-named service (That is likely not related to the American-published Magazine)

So, off we goooooooooo-

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第1話 part1
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第1話 part2
BS新・鬼ヶ島 第1話 part3

Also, a bit of a heads-up; when I get to Week 4, it will be one giant video, instead of segments. It was the way it was uploaded on NicoNicoDouga.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catch-up game: Posting BS Fuurai no Shiren Week 3.

(EDIT: URL fix.)

Right, no post with an excuse this time. Just cutting to the cheese. Or chase. However you wanna put it.

Basically a week of trying to advertise my not-being-updated-at-the-moment blog to some likely non-interested parties. Aw, well!

I'll post a BS Fuurai no Shiren video to tide myself over. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have some more radio shows and whatnot up.

NicoNicoDouga URLS:
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第3週 part1
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第3週 part2
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第3週 part3

There's one more Week of BS Fuurai no Shiren after this one, folks


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Belated relization of a goof: I missed a Marvelous Week.

(EDIT: URL fix.)

This post is just what it says in the topic.


Ok, actually, this post will have those videos now, too! Kay, kay!

Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

MASSIVE apologies, folks.

BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第2週 part1
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第2週 part2
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第2週 part3

Hopefully I won't make this error again.


Emulating the Satellaview - some new ROMs need BSNES!

(Picture link fix edit)

Right, as I brought up in my previous post, for some reason BS Konae-chan no DokiDoki Penguin Kazoku only boots on BSNES. Now, since it needs the BIOS, loading it is a bit more complex than just "Pop open ROM" now...

So, time to check out the not-so-enclosed instruction book! Click the ol' "Read More" button.

Anyway, first off, BSNES is here.

BSNES Homepage

Now, before we do anything of note, let me get something put in your mind here right away.

BSNES will not load the BS-X bios if said BIOs has a ROM header. You will need to remove it if your bios has it. The BS-X Bios on our site has such a header, so it will need to be removed before going any further. Various ROM hacking guides should have ROM header removal tutorials, or you can use SNEStool or Ucon64 or whatever is your preference for such.

Now, AFTER this header has been removed, open the BSNES app.

On "file" you will see a "Load Special" option which has a submenu.

"Load BS-X Cartridge" is for loading a download game in conjunction with the BS-X Bios.

Put your bios on the top and the ROM on the bottom. Click "Load" and you'll kick into the BS-X Bios itself. I'll tell more on what to do after this after a bit, but it should be easy from here on out - when you go to the overworld, enter the house behind you, hit the first options, and there! Game loaded.


On the new ROM Dump: BS Konae Chan no DokiDoki Penguin Kazoku

Elude Visibility has put up the ROM for this funky, obscure Nintendo arcade-style game which was only released on the Satellaview.

I've posted a bit of a teaser video of it before to try to hype it. Also here is a bit of a gameplay video (Note: The music is not from the ROM. Sorry, was a bit sloppy on the camerawork.)

The goal of the game is to get a high score by collecting the penguins (And not losing any in the hazards along the way) in this strange mix of Frogger and Lemmings.

As noted, the ROM only boots on BSNES. This has just made me realize that I need to put instructions on how to boot the ROM up. That shall be in the next update.


Absense (;[]n[])

Yeah, I'm REALLY late this time.

Basically, I had a major internet problem for the past week. It isn't resolved yet, but I found some other ways of getting my work done.

A few things have happened while I wasn't updating. I'll put them up in my next few posts before doing anything else.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Belated BS Marvelous: Time Athletics Course videos.

(EDIT: URL fix.)

No jokes about weather delays this time... I can't think of a good one. :(

The last BS Marvelous week will probably come through a bit quicker. I hope, anyway.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第3週 part1
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第3週 part2
BSマーヴェラス タイムアスレチック 第3週 part3


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BS Fuurai no Shiren Week 2: The one I didn't record from an emulator.

Tag-team update today! Mwahahahahhaha...

Watch the videos, then play the ROM! Or do it in reverse! Either way!

NicoNicoDouga URLs (and no, the previous one didn't have one of these):
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第2週 part1
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第2週 part2
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第2週 part3

(Note how the sequence that plays as thee introduction is apparently absent from the ROM.)


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