Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I Should Win Nintendo World Championships

I'm jamming this little nibbit inappropriately into the dead non-updated version of my ol' Blog. Isn't that nice? Surely many will consider it a great service to various people such as the select few who pray to God for an update here.

Anyway, this goofily rushed blog post is for entering to win a NWC, as you can see
Now, why do I think I should win one?
Well, the answer is to find an answer - not to that, but to some technical things about my Famicom setup. Yep. Famicom.

Now, I have a Famicom. And I recall reading on ol' that their repro carts wouldn't work on a Famicom due to the built-in 2P controller lacking a start button.
However, what isn't answered is - what if I have a third-party controller? Y'see, I got this;

Now, has anyone tested to see if the 2P Start button here would get the thing to run? Does anyone really care? Well, I apparently do. Why else would I enter this contest?

Oh, and if you're gonna ask why I don't just buy the repro cart? I'm just that cheap.


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