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Monday, July 28, 2008

BS Fuurai no Shiren: Surara wo Sukue, Week 1

(EDIT: Urls fixin')

Huh? Did I say I was gonna put up something different last week? Well, uh... that's for tomorrow! I swear!...

Really though, something's come up that I think shall allow me to hype it with these videos.

You might know this game under the Nintendo DS version "Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer", which was the first version to have an English localization. However, it originally appeared on the Super Famicom - and has a Satellaview version.

This is Week 1. The gameplay should look familiar if you've played either the above mentioned game, or other "Mystery Dungeon" games. Particularly Dragon Quest Yangus, the Nightmare of Druaga, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

NicoNicoDouga Links:
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第1週 part1
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第1週 part2
BS風来のシレン スララを救え! 第1週 part3


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Download Games: Rehashity.

(EDIT: Fixed the video URLS)

I'm sure a few of you have noted my links, right?

I've been digging into the Satellaview History Museum And I saw on there a schedule showing a lot of game titles, I decided to look a few of them up, and it turns out a decent amount match a lot of common Super Famicom releases. I will post some videos of some specific ones here.

Note that these probably aren't from the Satellaview-downloaded versions - I'm just going with gut instinct in believing these specific ones are the same as they are on cartridges. These ones I downloaded are apparently Tool-Assisted Speedruns.


Actraiser. This should be a well-known one to you guys.


Super Bomberman 2. Oddly enough, I didn't note other "Super Bomberman" entries.


"Super Momotarou Densetsu 2". Apparently this is a series of party-style board games themed around the ol' Japanese story.

キッドクラウンの クレイジーチェイス

"Kidd Clown's Crazy Chase". A peculiar Super Nintendo game.

NicoNicoDouga URLs:
【TAS】 アクトレイザーSPノーダメージ
TAS スーパーボンバーマン2 クリアまで 256x224 22m54s
[TAS] SFC スーパー桃太郎電鉄2 岡山行ってきた
ヌルゲーマーによる『キッドクラウンのクレイジーチェイス』 2周目(HARD)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Satellaview Radio, now with Dragon Quest... IX?

(EDIT: URL Fixings.)

I actually have a lot of this one.

this strange radio program is 伊集院光の怪電波発信基地

Google translates the name of the program as "Mysterious Phone Calls". I've heard from some translators I work with that the actual meaning implies that it's a prank phone call show, but it seems quite a bit more rnadom in that.

In particular, a segment of the show is apparently a skit called "Dragon Quest IX". Wait, isn't that gonna be on the DS soon? Wow, how time flies....

Original NicoNicoDouga URLs:

伊集院光の怪電波発信基地 96/4/20

伊集院光の怪電波発信基地 96/4/27

伊集院光の怪電波発信基地 96/5/4

伊集院光の怪電波発信基地 96/5/11

More to come, as usual.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Terminating BS Marvelous: Camp Arnold.

(EDIT: URL fix)

With this set of vids we got the last week of BS Marvelous: Camp Arnold.

But don't worry.


... Yeah, my terrible sense of humor leaks through as usual. But really, if you enjoy these, be sure to check for the Time Athletics videos.

Original NicoNicoDouga URLs:
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第4週 part1
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第4週 part2
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第4週 part3

Cross-linking will probably be done when Time Athletics is posted up. Excuse the laziness.


More Radio stuff - The King of After-School 96: My worst NeoGeo Pun yet.

(EDIT: urls fixing')

I probably need to ramp up on the radio show stuffs. I got a lot of them to go through. :D

The usual NicoNicoDouga Links Below:
伊集院光 放課後の王様1996.01.22
伊集院光 放課後の王様1996.01.29
伊集院光 放課後の王様1996.02.05
伊集院光 放課後の王様1996.02.12


Monday, July 14, 2008

BS Marvelous: Camp Arnold Week 3

(Same edits as the others. URLs fixed.)

Anything after Terminator 2 never happened.

... ok, actually, none of them happened. But still, it was a good joke setup. :(

Original NicoNico Links:
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第3週 part1
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第3週 part2
BSマーヴェラス キャンプアーノルド 第3週 part3


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Comment: Another rumor is shut down.

I'm gonna link to Unseen64 now on an article I found there of interest:


Apparently there was confusion over this SFC Zelda 2 Tech Demo screenshot, with people saying it may have been intended for the Satellaview. Needless to say, that article should explain - it was not. Rather sad, really... I am a bit of a Zelda 2 fan. Notably, the magazine scan is from 1988, and the protagonist is not the Satellaview mascot - this should've reasonably thrown some buzzers into my head about it, but I didn't want to have outright deny anything blindly.

I doubt anything came of the SFC Zelda 2. :(

An interesting note about the old "Famicom Tsushin" Magazine, though, is that it seems related to "Satellaview Tsushin".... perhaps the latter being a spinoff of the former.

More info about the magazine, now called "Famitsu", can be looked up starting here;



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey! Listen! - Game Tiger Special.


NicoNicoDouga recently got up a new bit of Satellaview radio programming. I figured I'd put it up here, along with a little something else I found that's related to it.

A frequent recurring radio host on the Satellaview's "Super Famicom Hour" was called the "Game Tiger". I'm not quite sure who or what that's meant to be, but the show features a lot of discussion.

This one, apparently a "Special", makes frequent references to the Nintendo 64. When you think about it, it must be sad for these guys to have to advertise the console that was meant to usurp them. Well, at least the Satellaview lasted longer than Randnet did.

Also, a little bonus! The Starfox song in the beginning? I think it sounds fairly much like this:

The Corneria Arrange is from the Star Fox OST

The Original NicoNicoDouga URL:
サテラビュー ゲーム虎の大穴スペシャル(最終回前)


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