Saturday, May 31, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Zelda NES/FDS Remake, Map 1, Week 1.

(URL fixings. Most the Zelda stuff should be done now.)

At the moment I am fighting God himself to make this post. The terrible storm outside will not stop me!

I posted the Sekiban videos previously, but this time I'm going to backtrack a bit. Earlier I showed some videos of another BS Zelda. This one was a remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment/Famicom Disk System title.

Now, I will show you more of it. For you folks familiar with this, please enjoy. Otherwise, if you want to know more, check out the BS Zelda Shrine here.

For completeness sake, I'll start by re-posting a few vids I posted earlier.

This was the loading and intro sequence. Now, for Week 1;

And lastly, the typical NicoNicoDouga URLs;

Week 4
Week 3
Week 2


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Tantei Club Finale.

(I should've fixed these earlier. Aw, well. Done now.)
Excuse the lack of updates this week. I'm actually kind of sick. Not that that's an excuse, but aw, well!

Another string of videos this update. I may need to think of something different to do next time, because all these videos are sort of a lot to take in... But regardless, this one has Week 3 of BS Tantei Club. This is the final episode, which makes BS Tantei Club a peculiar 3-episode Satellaview game.

And now for the usual! NicoNicoDouga URLS;
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 後編 part1
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 後編 part2
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 後編 part3
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 後編 part4

And also, Cross-linking the other weeks;

Week 2

Week 1

One of my good buddies tell me that the videos should indeed be credited to tokkys. Makes me wish I could communicate with the Japanese better, heh.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Zelda: The Final Sekiban.

(URL fix)

Woo hoo! With this, I'll have all the videos relevant to this game on here. Then when the scripts and translations are done, you can all enjoy the experience of watching someone playing a very linear videogame! :)

BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban; the final episode!

The originals:
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第4週 part1
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第4週 part2
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第4週 part3

Also, I will cross-link the videos now, for easier access;

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1


Friday, May 23, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - s'more BS Tantei Club.

(URL repair)

I don't want you folks hanging trying to figure out this detective story, eh? Here's Week 2 of BS Tantei Club.

And the original NicoNicoDouga URLs, as well! Unlike Week 1's, these should still be up on the site.
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 中編 part1
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 中編 part2
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 中編 part3

Here are the other weeks' videos;

Week 3

Week 1


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Super Mario USA, Week 1

(edits: URLs fixed.)

The only words I can put to describe this are; Fear Birdo. DREAD Birdo. Birdo is scary.

This is week 1 of BS Super Mario USA, in embedded cruddy VHS video format. As usual, NicoNicoDouga's the best I got for a source name, although it seems someone is helping me with finding names. Does anyone here know a tokkys? tokkys is a name referenced iwth the BS-X videos often, it seems...

but whoops, I'm drifting here! Multi-track drifting in fact! Time to cut to the chase.

Welcome back to Subcon! Apparently, it was more than just a dream, and Wart isn't very happy about that! So he's... stolen all the Mario Statues.... Yeah. Such a diabolical plan he's got there. Note the sarcasm. -_-;

Anyway, Mario and the gang have paled up with the King of Subcon to nab the statues back and beat Wart, multiple times over!

Note the Japanese voice actors. very peculiar choices. Mario matches the voice seen in Super Famicom adverts. Toad sounds the most like any current incarnation, but lacks the sore throat. Peach sounds... well, geez, she sounds like your mom! A rather peculiar VA choice.

Then you got the diabolical group on the other side - the Mario USA bosses. Mouser sounds like a punky teenager, Clawgrip likes speaking Engrish, FryGuy sounds like an old karate master... actually fairly badass, I might say.

... but then we get to Birdo. Ah, remember the old tales of Birdo being a guy, wanting to be a girl? Well, in this particular incarnation of Super Mario USA, the joke is more alive than it ever was or ever will be! Birdo sounds like the most stereotypical homosexual you can ever imagine, and what's worse? Along with the pink Birdo, there's the green and red Birdo, making a TRIO of stereotypical "gaybirds" mocking you while you try to clear these goals!

... oh, right! Excuse my ranting, here's the rest of it!

And now, the original NicoNicoDouga URLs.
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週 part2
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週 part3

Weeks 2 and 3 have seemingly not been put up , the final week, week 4, has.How peculiar. I may put it on this blog later


Fluff post to advertise other people - because I'm in a rush to update. Also, I'm going to /r/..

This post, just to let everyone know I'm still alive (in case four days is enough to convince you otherwise) shall have a link I was requested to put in, and maybe some other links. Woo-hoo!

Choco took a lot of effort into making these BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban transcripts, based off the videos from NicoNicoDouga. Berri has been working on translating them for a while - The BS Zelda Shrine may have all of Week 1 ready by now.

Also, in the JP website searching I've been doing, I apparently saw that some videos used to exist on NicoNicoDouga that, well, don't seem to be there. I'm taking some crazy measures to try to obtain them, but nothing's gotten results yet, so I'll leave my request archived here in the off chance that all it takes is time...

Rの書斎 第2幕 第1週 選択肢上

BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第2週

If anyone can find the videos of these, please let me nab them somehow.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Listen to the Satellaview - "Burst of Laughter" programming.

(I probably don't have many variations on "I fixed the URL" left)

You want more long strings of Japanese audio you can not understand?


Well, too bad! You're getting it anyway!

This is 伊集院光 on an episode of 放課後の王様.

To make this pain easier for you all, I'll put 3 more of these in a single post! That way there won't be as many floods of entries like this.

And finally, the original NicoNicoDouga URLs:
伊集院光 放課後の王様 1995.11.27
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.04
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.11
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.18


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban, Week 3

(Man, all my old messages seem kinda silly. Heh. Anyway, EDITING: fixed the works.)

I've noticed that I'm posting a set of BS Zelda videos at least once weekly on a weekend. I guess now I shall continue that trend.

Here's Week 3 of BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban.

Note the player character in this one - different from the other weeks, yes? This time it's the girl mascot's turn. Whether you play as the boy or the girl depend on your BS-X BIOs settings.

And now for the originals at NicoNicoDouga.
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第3週 part1
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第3週 part2
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第3週 part3

Week 4/Finale
Week 2Week 1


Friday, May 16, 2008

Download Game - BS F-Zero 2

To clarify why there's confusion, I shall steal a Youtube video of BS F-Zero 2.... well, the one that's going around as a ROM now. Compare it with the videos in the previous post. The differences should be readily apparent.

Thanks to WMJ07 for having uploaded that clip like 2 years ago. Less work for me... sorta.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confusion - Live Broadcast BS F-Zero 2.


I posted a piece of music from this earlier, so I might as well bring this up now... excuse my lack of any organization.

Anyway, I'm sure a few of you have heard of "BS F-Zero 2". It was a Satellaview download, was it?... well, actually, it seems to also be multiple Satellaview Live Broadcast games, as well.

This actually confused me for a while - still does, honestly. There's no ROM dumps of the Live Broadcast versions, and it seems most of the internet forgot about it's existence. But then these vids got uploaded on NicoNicoDouga...

After an introduction to the hosts of the program, you get to practice, and then race, on "Forest 1". Wait, what's Forest 1? This track is not in any other game that I recall! And... there's no healing panels? Crazy! Imagine that in F-Zero X or GX!

And the music... what? "Highway Star"? The music played is the kind of stuff that people now try to S-Rank in Rock Band! In a way, fitting... but not expected.

One more video...

Unfortunately, so far only this one week is up. I'd love to see week 2. (Looking up old JP sites describe a "METAL FORT" track... could that be what week 2 has?)

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part2
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part3
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part4

If anyone can get some more info on this for me, feel free to leave a message.


Listen to the Satellaview - They played pop music on it? NO WAY!... erm, excuse my shock over the obvious.


Joke of a name aside, it's time for another piece of radio programming taken from the fine yet a-bit-too-anonymous folks at NicoNicoDouga. Alas, some names would help here...?

Yes, it's not much more than J-Pop music, but it's a neat listen into what was popular at the time the Satellaview was around, and what kind of audience was expected to shell out the cash for it. Besides, listening to this while doing mood-clashing things in the BS-X World would be entertaining, no?

If you haven't already figured it out by how many times her name is plastered on the video, the J-Pop celeb on here is "Yuki Uchida".

It seems to have played alongside of "放課後の王様"

Original NicoNicoDouga link:
内田有紀 夕暮れストリートキッズ SIDE B 96/05/04?


Listen to the Satellaview - then, help me find some music info!

Alright, remember when I posted some music before? Well, now I'm doing it again, but this time it isn't gonna be clean and smooth like before! Watch out!

I'll start off with this one - from Dragon Quest 1/2 Symphonic Suite.

Yeah, so far so good, right?

Now this one is fr-... wait a sec! I didn't find what CD this came from!

See, this is a rip from the video footage that I've found on NicoNicoDouga, from BS F-Zero 2 Dai-1-shuu's downloading sequence. It's sorta not even the full song!... Although the rest of it is mostly just a loop and a proper end, but still! There's also a lot of other BS F-Zero 1 and 2 music I've been looking for, but am unable to find!

And this next one?

BS Tantei Club's credits sequence... it seems like most of it's music was made entirely for the Satellaview version. I can't find any other clean versions. :(

If anyone wants to help me on my search for music, feel free to lend your hand!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where's the rest of this, NicoNicoDouga? - BS Super Mario Collection 1


Back in January, a piece of video from "BS Super Mario Collection" appeared. I was excited when I saw it.

Here's what it looked like...

relatively bizarre, don't you think? First it looks like Mario 3, then it kicks into Mario 1 levels!

... I eagerly awaited for more videos, but it's been a few months now, and nothing's come up. :(

Here's the original BTW:

BSスーパーマリオコレクション 第1週 part1


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reupload this, NicoNicoDouga! - Live Broadcast game, BS Tantei Club.

(EDIT: URLs fixed up.)

It's come to my attention that NicoNicoDouga's been deleting some BS-X videos. Why? Well, I'm not the master of knowledge. :( But I do know that some of that stuff is good to look at!

Of particular note, BS Tantei Club, Week 1... vanished without a trace. I can't even post the original URL for the video, it'll give you NicoNicoDouga's "Video not found" error.

(EDIT: As of this post, I'm now going back and replacing all my TL;DR with the mere previews of what the posts are. Feel free to click "Read More" to see videos embeds now and in the future, and in some cases, retroactively. :P)

I will, however, post the videos in my stupid embed!

I also have videos of BS Tantei Club that have yet to be deleted from NicoNicoDouga, which I will talk about later, and some videos which used to be on Stage6, a now-defunct video site. Those videos are in DivX format and nearly take up a n entire CD in size each video, so I will not post them here.

Instead, you will get a video that was deleted not just from NicoNicoDouga, but Youtube as well!

This is a video of what seems to be a farewell message from the Satellaview's last day of broadcast. Rather melancholy... :(

NOTE TO RUM USERS: I will post a guide on how to load BS Tantei Club (And various other BS-X games) in SNESGT and some various other emulators, if requested. I can not find a ROM dump for the "last day"...

Other BS Tantei Club Weeks;

Week 2

Week 3


Live Broadcast Game Videos - BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban, Week 2

(EDIT: I'm almost done nearly all these articles.)

I honestly can't tell if I'm doing these fast enough. Aw, well!

Here's some more Zelda. This is week 2 of Inishie no Sekiban. Of note in this video; this is apparently someone different from whom played last time, and, well, he's apparently missed some stuff from the previous week! No worry for him, though, as the thieves at the location of the previous two dungeons got the stuff he needs to progress. (This probably did mess with his score tally, though.)

And the NicoNicoDouga sauce:

BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第2週 part1
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第2週 part2
BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第2週 part3


Week 4/Finale

Week 3

Week 1


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Listen to the Satellaview - Radio Programming (Part 1?)

(URLs repaired.)

I've already shown how the Satellaview streamed Satellite Audio for the use of some of it's game titles. Did I also mention that Satellaview users could stream audio at other times, as well?

The Satellaview was able to stream Satellite audio programming at set times (I believe I heard from around 4PM to 8PM) during the day.

On top of this, special radio programming was produced. To have on content that catered to the interests of gamers, St. Giga's radio shows during the Satellaview's listening hours consisted of videogame news and discussion, along with the occasiaonl piece of pop music.

An example was recently put up on NicoNicoDouga... ok, actually, there's a lot more than just this from a long time ago, but this one is recent! Allow me to show you folks this!

(NOTE: The video is probably not how the Satellaview actually looked like while playing the program.)

Berri has translated the title of the show to be "The After-School King".

The host of this airing is listed as 穴井夕子 or "Yuko Anai".

I have latter episodes, but they are hosted by 伊集院光 instead...

Original NicoNicoDouga link:
穴井夕子の放課後の王様 95/5/3


Monday, May 5, 2008

Sifting through the "BS"; Kiddo searches into rumors. (Part 1?)

This little section is for me to look into rumors and/or information that may or may not be accurate or misleading.

Actually, the reason I started this one was to quell down something right away:


"BS" does not stand for "Bandai Satellavision" or whatever kind of crazy hogwash some people on IRC tried to tell me last night. "BS" stands for "Broadcast Satellite". It is actually a fairly generic term in Japan for Satellite-transfered data, and can refer to music, games, anime, perhaps even someone's webcam? If you look up "BS" on NicoNicoDouga, you will likely see anime recorded from a Satellite Broadcast, footage of people playing Ragnarok Online, and various misc. items. (On that note, this was the first search term I used on there... needless to say, it took me 20 pages to find the first BS-X game.)

Add the "X" to "BS" and you get "BS-X". That is an abbreviation for the Satellaview. The "X" does not stand for anything; in fact, it's apparently a sort of anonymity or a variable. The JP Subtitle of the BS-X Bios cart translates to "The story of the town without a name." (You can thank Wikipedia for that, check the links.)

As far as I know, Bandai did not do much with the Satellaview at all; The only direct tie I can see from them to the Satellaview is SD Gundam G-Next, which is just one game out of many. Most of the games were developed by Nintendo, Square, Enix, ASCII, and various smaller third parties. The Satellite service was run by St. Giga. Bandai is not noted in any Satellaview packaging or advertising. It would be unthinkable to market a product without crediting yourself for it, don't you agree?

Hopefully the point's come across; Don't credit Bandai for the Satellaview.

Where did this confusion come from? I heard it originated with people thinking the Satellaview and the Sufami Turbo were related... But I'm not sure I follow that. Then again, people still seem to think the Power Glove is Nintendo First-party, so maybe I'm giving them too much credit... Aw, well.

Hopefully, if little else is read of this blog, at least this part comes through.

Right, now to move on. This next one is one I'd actually like to see disproved....


Most of the games I've seen, video footage I watched, and dialogs I heard... they don't give any hint of an online multiplayer function.

"Online Competition", yes. But the competition was done via score-runs of Live Broadcast games, and was similar in style to things like "Nintendo World Cup". Apparently, high scores even had to be mailed to the prize distributors! I don't classify that as a proper Netplay.

I honestly hope I'm wrong on this one. If anyone has any real solid evidence of the contrary, contact me on it? Please?

And one more... actually, this one probably doesn't need much correction. I just want to do this because the description of the Satellaview on the BS Zelda Shrine seems misleading. (Don't worry. It will be corrected soon enough. Trust my word on that one.)


St. Giga was a Satellite Radio service. This, combined with the fact that the Super Famicom could not display enough colors or hold enough memory to air a TV show, should suggest that, well, much of the non-game programming consisted of radio shows.

Of course, there's also the downloadable magazines, books, and other things.

NicoNicoDouga has some examples of the Radio shows that were broadcast on the Satellaview. I hope to post these here sometime.


Listen to the Satellaview - Musical Pieces from Live Broadcast Games (Part 1?)

I will now post up some MP3s of music that played on the Satellaview.

I've searched high and low for some of these. These are arrangements of various game music that have played during a game's Live Broadcast.

The ones I have found were apparently released on CD beforehand. I will put down CD info when I can.

This is a track from Toy Music which plays during BS Zelda broadcasts.

This track from Super Famicom Game Music plays during it's appropriate spot in BS F-Zero.

This doozy of a track comes from Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, -Hop! Step! Jump!- and is played during BS Super Mario USA, as well as used in various other moments (For example, Satellaview game advertisement BGM)

Other than ripping the MP3 from my embed, if you want to download the music, look up these discs on your favorite music-swiping source.

I have more sounds that I have not posted yet (because I'm lazy), so if you're interested, stay tuned... or something.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Live Broadcast Game Video - BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban

(Edit: URL Fixing)

I believe I held off on doing the obvious and apparent long enough, eh?

Partial Translations, ROM Hacks, and even the soundtrack are available for this one. Therefore, it's only logical that the videos should be shown to the world as well.

So, fans, here we go! For non-fans, who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll start off with the first video before my description;

Yes, this looks like LTTP, but different. This is BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban, the Satellaview's follow-up to the acclaimed Super Famicom game as well as it's followup to the previous BS Zelda they released.

(NOTE TO ROM USERS: You will probably find ROMs and the like as "Kodai No Sekiban". As you can hear in the videos, that is not the proper pronunciation of the title... but apparently the meaning is the same either way. The reason the title came around is, in fact, from the way the title appears on the screen rather than how it's pronounced. How strange? This is only a minor inaccuracy that has come from the years of lack of Satellaview information, though.

The standard ROMs do not work on any emulators. Not even ones with better BS-X compatibility. If you want to play the games, your best bet is the BS Zelda Shrine's hacking project. Unfortunately, I'm not talented with ROM hacking, so I can't tell what's up there.)

For the above video, watch along with reading Berri's translation, currently in-progress. It will give you an understanding of the game's plot, changed gameplay mechanics, and more.

Of course, that video doesn't look very complete now, does it? Well, here's two more then! These together make up Inishie no Sekiban's 1st Episode.

And now for the original NicoNicoDouga Links:

BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第1週 part1
part 2
part 3


Week 2

Week 3

Week 4/Finale


Satellaview Advertising

When you look for Satellaview videos on Youtube, the most likely results you'll come across are, well, ads.

They're pretty funky ads, too.

This one gets around in particular. Mario In Space, showing off the Satellaview's skills and making me wish for a remake of Super Mario Land 2. Note Mario's Japanese voice from that time: You will probably hear it again on this site.

I do not know what game is displayed in the ad.

The next one is a bit of a doozy.

A 7-minute ad showing off the Satellaview's abilities, with a lot more game examples.

The games featured in the ad include some obvious ones, like BS Zelda and BS Dragon Quest, as well as some not-so-obvious ones, like BS Marvelous.

And then there's ones that, from my perspective, have faded into a bit more obscurity...

BS Satellaview Bass Tournament Big Fight
BS Fushigi no Dungeon: Torneko no Daibouken
BS Monopoly 2

And a few more. These games have not appeared as ROM dumps in my searches, nor have I found much media on them other than a scant few screengrabs. I'd appreciate contributions of info.

But anyway, back on the subject...

There were quite an amount of print ads as well. What I have of them aren't good scans (or meant to be - I took these off auction sites, assumedly trying to sell the ads.), but they should get this job done.

Ad from BS Dragon Quest(?)

Ad for "Same Game"

Ad for "Bass Tsuri No. 1"

The last few ads I got so far.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Examples of a Download Non-Game - or, why Kiddo is confused sometimes.


Various things downloaded from the Satellaview were not games at all. (EDIT: The original Youtube Video has now been set to "private", so I will put up the video in my own embed. Apologies for the inconvenience.)

Various things downloaded from the Satellaview were not games at all. (EDIT: The original Youtube Video has now been set to "private", so I will put up the video in my own embed. Apologies for the inconvenience.)

Let's take a look at one of them, perhaps.

I do not really know what this one's name is, or what it's about, or if there's even a ROM dump.

What I do know is that that is certainly not a game. :P

This particular example seems goofy compared to the more useful things downloaded in a similar format, like magazines (Various ROM dumps indicate a Nintendo Power magazine? Probably more related to Japan's NP service than our own magazine, but regardless...) and the latest news.

(thanks go to otatronix for the Youtube video upload.)

EDIT: From Berri;

"The first game or whatever shows you a photo of a girl at a picnic
You only get to look for a few seconds, then it asks you what she was eating first
Then it gives you an address to send your answer to, I guess"

I'm assuming now this is some sort of weird contest St. Giga was running. More info would be appreciated.

The video is tagged as 裕木奈江 and "nae yuuki". This probably refers to the name of the actress shown in the pictures. She apparently does various advertisements.


Articles on the New Satellablog

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