Thursday, June 26, 2008

Download games: They're totally Squaresville.


I am finally posting up some descriptions of download games again. I don't do these often except for games which aren't dumped yet, but I feel the Squaresoft titles deserve some attention.

Many people seem to forget that Square did something other than Radical Dreamers on the Satellaview. In fact, they did quite a lot of titles! I will post some videos, like the usual!

Note that none of these are broadcasts, so no Soundlink stuff in this subject.

First, some footage from DynamiTracer. This peculiar title seems like a bizarre cross between Square's usual work and... Sega's Toejam and Earl. I will post two videos I have:

And now, another quirky Square title, Treasure Conflix! This one appears to be a Mode 7 Airship Dogfighting Simulation, and it looks fairly radical.

Original NicoNicoDouga URLS:
スクウェア幻の名作 ダイナマイ・トレーサー part1
スクウェア [トレジャーコンフリクス] ダイジェスト_01

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