Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live Broadcast Game - BS Super Mario USA, Week 1

(edits: URLs fixed.)

The only words I can put to describe this are; Fear Birdo. DREAD Birdo. Birdo is scary.

This is week 1 of BS Super Mario USA, in embedded cruddy VHS video format. As usual, NicoNicoDouga's the best I got for a source name, although it seems someone is helping me with finding names. Does anyone here know a tokkys? tokkys is a name referenced iwth the BS-X videos often, it seems...

but whoops, I'm drifting here! Multi-track drifting in fact! Time to cut to the chase.

Welcome back to Subcon! Apparently, it was more than just a dream, and Wart isn't very happy about that! So he's... stolen all the Mario Statues.... Yeah. Such a diabolical plan he's got there. Note the sarcasm. -_-;

Anyway, Mario and the gang have paled up with the King of Subcon to nab the statues back and beat Wart, multiple times over!

Note the Japanese voice actors. very peculiar choices. Mario matches the voice seen in Super Famicom adverts. Toad sounds the most like any current incarnation, but lacks the sore throat. Peach sounds... well, geez, she sounds like your mom! A rather peculiar VA choice.

Then you got the diabolical group on the other side - the Mario USA bosses. Mouser sounds like a punky teenager, Clawgrip likes speaking Engrish, FryGuy sounds like an old karate master... actually fairly badass, I might say.

... but then we get to Birdo. Ah, remember the old tales of Birdo being a guy, wanting to be a girl? Well, in this particular incarnation of Super Mario USA, the joke is more alive than it ever was or ever will be! Birdo sounds like the most stereotypical homosexual you can ever imagine, and what's worse? Along with the pink Birdo, there's the green and red Birdo, making a TRIO of stereotypical "gaybirds" mocking you while you try to clear these goals!

... oh, right! Excuse my ranting, here's the rest of it!

And now, the original NicoNicoDouga URLs.
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週 part2
BSスーパーマリオUSA 第1週 part3

Weeks 2 and 3 have seemingly not been put up , the final week, week 4, has.How peculiar. I may put it on this blog later

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